Hello World, I'm CJ.
I'm a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer.


“Sometimes wave, Sometimes particle.”

    Hi, My name is Chaman Jatoliya, a Passionate &
    Self-Taught(with the help of THE Internet:)
    learning and exploring full stack development; from Delhi, India.
    I read books and love collecting them.
    I drink a lot of tea.
    I love to cook (and eat).
    I am a bit of a gym freak.
    I worship Internet and Elon Musk.


“Life without knowledge is death in disguise.”
- Talib Kweli


“You can do anything you set your mind to.”
- Benjamin Franklin


Covid Visualizer

Covid-19 Visualizer

Visualize corona stats from around the world with downloadable charts to use in projects/research.

Browse Later extension

Browse Later

Save links in this chrome extension to browse later and increase your productivity

Your day social media with reactjs

My Day

How's your day going? Built on MERN Stack, Router, Redux, Realtime changes with Socket io, Login with JWT.

gradient generator

CSS Gradient Generator

A gradient generator to generate random gradients and allow user to copy css gradient code.

Python Track Price App

Track Price App Python

This python script tracks product price and send email if price falls down.



React app I created learning React and API, it sends names and email from json file to a API which generates Robots.

twitter clone with vanilla javascript

TwitterClone Vanilla JS

App that I created to learn basics of javascript with jQuery

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. ”
- Henry Ford

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